Teralab - Site History

This list is provided to make it easier to find the most recently added or updated pages on this site. The latest items are listed at the top.

Title Description Date
Photocell A thin-film selenium photo-electric cell (made in June 2006). December 2009
Triode 1 The first attempt at making a homemade triode. October 2009
Didymium Glasses The use of didymium glasses for glass working. October 2009
Polariscope A homemade polariscope for viewing stress in glass. July 2009
Polarization Paradox The phenomenon of three crossed polarizing filters. July 2009
Filament Lamp C A lamp with a bulb, but a single part envelope. (With movie.) July 2009
Annealing Oven A homemade glass annealing oven that doubles as a bakeout oven for vacuum devices July 2009
Cloud Chamber A very simple expansion cloud chamber. June 2009
Young's Slits A Single photon interference experiment. At the edge of reality. May 2009
Pump Unions How to attach a glass tube to a metal vacuum system. March 2009
High Energy Pulser A demonstration of Lenz's law (and having some fun). December 2008
Glass Tube Cutter Page added with a homemade hot wire glass tube cutter. August 2008
Movie Clips All movie clips transferred to You Tube to solve ISP bandwidth issues. June 2008
Bell in Vacuum Page added with a movie of a bell operating in a vacuum, then letting the air in. February 2008
Feather Drop Page added with a movie of a feather and a 1 inch ball bearing being dropped in a vacuum. August 2007
A small Tesla Coil A 300mm high spark-gap Tesla coil. June 2007
Relay and DAC Controller Page added with a design for controlling up to 8 relays and 8 voltage outputs via an RS232 port. April 2006
Thermionic Diode Two pages added describing and characterising a home made thermionic diode. January 2006
Luminescence Page added about luminescent compounds. October 2005
Plasma Experiments - Page 3 Page added about noble gas filling. October 2005
Museum Instruments - Page 2 New information added about the Wheatstone bridge. Thanks to Pete Andrews for providing this. September 2005
Plasma Experiments - Page 1 Explanation of plasma extended and improved. August 2005
Plasma Experiments - Page 2 Page added with construction details of a discharge tube which requires minimal glass work. August 2005
X-Ray Gallery Baby House martin added. July 2005
Electrocardiogram Sound file added. July 2005
X-Ray Equipment Page added describing the equipment used to produce the images in the X-Ray Gallery. July 2005
Electrocardiogram Page added about recording the electrical activity of the heart. June 2005
Gamma Radiography Page added about imaging using 662keV gamma rays. February 2005
Radon 220 Page added about measuring the half-life of radon 220. January 2005

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