Teralab Experiments

Most of these experiments include one or more hazards. They are described here for you entertainment. I am not implying that you should try any of this yourself.

Title Description Date
Polarization Paradox The phenomenon of three crossed polarizing filters. July 2009
Cloud Chamber A very simple expansion cloud chamber. June 2009
Young's Slits A Single photon interference experiment. The edge of reality. May 2009
High Energy Pulser A demonstration of Lenz's law (and having some fun). December 2008
Bell in Vacuum Operating a bell in a vacuum, then letting the air in. February 2008
Feather Drop Dropping and feather and a inch ball bearing in a vacuum. August 2007
Photocell A thin-film selenium photo-electric cell. June 2006
Luminescence Synthesis of luminescent compounds. October 2005
Electrocardiogram Recording the electrical activity of the heart. June 2005
Gamma Radiography Imaging using 662keV gamma rays. February 2005
Radon 220 Measuring the half-life of radon 220. January 2005
Ionization Chamber How an ionization smoke detector works and how an ionization chamber can be made. December 2004
Conductive Glass How glass can be made conductive using a hot-plate and stannous chloride powder. September 2004
Headlamp Diode How a halogen car headlamp bulb can be converted into a Fleming diode valve. March 2004
X-Rays Production of X-Rays using a vacuum rig. Producing images using standard photographic film. August 2003
Electron Optics Attempt to construct an electron gun to produce a video image inside the bell jar of a vacuum rig January 2002
Holography Recording the optical field. October 2001
Diffraction How information about an object is encoded into light which is scattered by it. November 2001
Plasma The fourth state of matter. October 2001
Evaporating Metal Evaporating metals in a vacuum and condensing the vapour on a substrate. August 2001
Pickle Jar Lamp A tungsten filament lamp made out of a pickle jar. August 2001
Electrostatics A very simple electrostatic motor and high voltage ping-pong. August 2001

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