Teralab Glass Blowing for Vacuum Devices

This section describes methods for working glass for scientific vacuum devices such as glow tubes, filament lamps and thermionic devices. It is a record of the approaches which I have taken and the problems which I faced. The articles below apply to soda-lime glass and are intended to be read in order, starting at the top.

I am very much a novice and would welcome tips and constructive criticism from more experienced glass blowers.

Title Description Date
Introduction Why and how I started leaning to work with glass. January 2004
Getting Started Simple equipment in order to begin. January 2004
Cutting Tubes Cutting small diameter tubes. How to smooth the end of a tube. January 2004
Bending Tubes Bending Tubes. February 2004
Joining / Annealing Joining and annealing tubes. February 2004
Blowing Bulbs How to blow glass bulbs. February 2004
Glass to Metal Seals How wires can be sealed into glass envelopes. February 2004
Pump Unions How to attach a glass tube to a metal vacuum system. March 2009
Glow Tube How a long gas discharge tube can be made. February 2004
Panel Neon How a panel neon style gas discharge tube can be made. February 2004
Lamp Autopsy Much can be learned by taking things apart. February 2004
Filament Lamp A How a simple filament lamp can be made. February 2004
Filament Lamp B How a more elegant filament lamp can be made. January 2004
Cathode Ray Tube How a simple cathode ray tube can be made. March 2004
Mg Evaporation Evaporation of magnesium for use as a getter. May 2004
Mg Photo-Cell A photoelectric cell using a magnesium photocathode. May 2004
Thermionic Diode First attempts at making a seald-off thermionic device. January 2006
Glass Tube Cutter A homemade hot wire glass tube cutting tool. August 2008
Annealing Oven An oven for glass annealing and bakeout of vacuum devices. July 2009
Filament Lamp C A lamp with a bulb, but a single part envelope. (With movie.) July 2009
Polariscope A homemade polariscope for viewing stress in glass. July 2009
Didymium Glasses The use of didymium glasses for glass working. October 2009
Triode 1 The first attempt at making a homemade triode. October 2009

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