Useful Links

(In no particular order.)

Spark Bang Buzz Homemade CRTs and active components.

Incandescent Sculpture The Incandescent Sculpture of Dylan Kehde Roelofs.

Hand Made Triode A fantastic movie of a triode being made by hand.

Single Electron Diffraction Diffraction experiment with indivdual electrons. Includes a movie.

Mike's Electric Stuff (Tesla coils, valves etc.)

The High Voltage Page High voltage experiments and power supply designs.

Dangerous LaboratoriesScience and alternative energy projects.

Museum of Electricity Antiques and high voltage.

The Bell Jar Vacuum technique for the amateur investigatore.

The Virtual Valve Museum.Virtual museum of all types of vacuum tubes.

Glenn Baddeley - Valve Data. Valve database links.

Control The Nuclear Power Plant. A nuclear power station simulation by Henrik Eriksson.

Patently Absurd! A humorous collection of crazy British patents.

Ulster University Downloadable graph paper.

Periodic table table. This site is fantastic.

Science Toys. Some very good ideas here for all ages.

Printed Circuit Boards for the Masses. Interesting method for making PCBs.

HV Stuff. High voltage components.

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