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I became interested in electronics and technology while I was at infant school. Unfortunately there was nobody that I could learn from, and there was no internet back then. I still don't really know what started my interest. I remember getting an electric shock from an empty light socket in a department store while sitting on my dad's shoulders. Perhaps getting stung by that invisible force was what did it.

At college I studied electronics and physics. Since leaving college I have worked in the electronics industry and my interest outside of work has shifted more towards physics. When my company moved buildings in 1996, I obtained lots of interesting surplus equipment, including high vacuum equipment.

Since then, my experiments at home have got progressively more interesting. I decided to put this site together to document my experimentation in the hope of inspiring others. I hope you find it interesting.

If you do find this site interesting or have a suggestion, please leave feedback. or email me at It is only the encouragement I receive that keeps me adding new material.

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